This edition presents texts that were until this day either completely unpublished or published in an abridged form. Conceived and developed in cooperation with the archives that preserve them, this edition provides a digital access to the original manuscripts. The editorial and scholarly work on the manuscripts is realized by the junior research group "Berlin intellectuals 1800-1830".

The junior research group led by Anne Baillot works on the participation of scholars, writers both male and female, and publishers in public life in Berlin around 1800: What forms does this kind of participation take on? What significance does it have on a political, on a literary level? The question of the strategies developed to communicate in that context is of major importance. It is a goal of this edition to explore them.

Text Corpora

The texts edited here shed light on intellectual life in Berlin in the late 18th and early 19th century. They give insight on the genesis of German Romantic Literature, but also into idea and culture transfers such as they can be retraced in this politically and literary troubled period in the Prussian capital city.

This edition is conceived to put at the core of the project the relationships between the many intellectual circles that were at work in Berlin around 1800: university, academies, societies, Salons, publishers, journals. The users are welcome to use all the search options developed to that aim.


November 2013: High-quality PDF files are now available for each manuscript. Please select "Download PDF" when viewing any manuscript.

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The first corpora edited since March 2012 are: 20 letters from Adolf von Buch to Louis de Beausobre from the period 1759-1764 (in French), 23 letters from Ludwig Tieck to Friedrich von Raumer from the period 1815-1830 (in German), 12 letters from Adelbert von Chamisso to Louis de La Foye (1804-1812, mostly German) Tieck's youth drama "Roxane" (1789/90, German) and the original manuscript of E.T.A. Hoffmann's "Der Sandmann" (1815, German).


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